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Our Philosophy | Intention 

“We aim to promote a secure and happy environment for the children, in a friendly homelike atmosphere”


“We aim to provide a place for children to learn as we bridge the gap between home and the centre.”


“We aim to recognise and demonstrate the value of play in a child’s learning and development”


"We aim to interact with all children in a consistent manner"


"We aim to respect the rights of each and every child"


"We aim to foster the Cognitive, Physical, Social, Language and Emotional development of each child, recognising their individual differences and needs. Thereby, giving children the foundations that they need for future learning, with special consideration for the outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework”


“We aim to promote anti-bias, inclusive and multicultural acceptance and the appreciation of multicultural diversity. We are committed to working with children who have additional needs and supporting families on this journey of inclusive practice”


“We aim to provide a programme designed to cover needs, interest and skill development for each child. Recognising that all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”


"We aim to provide all children with a sense of Belonging - knowing where and with whom they belong"

"We aim to provide all children with a sense of Being - recognising the significance of the here and now in a child's life"


"We aim to provide all children with a sense of Becoming - respecting children's identities, knowledge, understanding that skills change during childhood and we cater for this"


“We aim to foster effective working relationships with parents and families to enable the exchange of information and continuation of care”


"We aim to provide links with the community in a variety of ways and support families to form these links"


"We aim to show a commitment to environmental best practice and to the continual improvement of environmental performance. Recognising our commitment both globally and locally, to present and future generations. We do this in a variety of ways"


“We aim to recognise and respect the views, values and rights of all the children, fellow educators and the families who use our service.”


"We aim to foster the appreciation of each staff member’s unique background, skills and contributions to the centre environment and to encourage and foster continued learning by all staff”


" We aim to be guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework"


" We aim to focus and work on continued quality improvement in all areas of our service delivery"

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